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(new) Probiotics: Dispelling Myths

infographic dispell myths probiotics

Probiotics for Healthy People


Effects of Prebiotics and Probiotics on Microbiota

infographic on effects of probiotics and prebiotics on microbiota

Gut Microbiota: Our Microbial Partners

infographic on gut microbiota and health

How do you read a probiotic label? (EU Version)

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How to decipher european probiotic labels

How do you read a probiotic label? (US version)

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deciphering probiotic labels infographic (us)

What’s so special about fermented foods?

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Fermented Foods Infographic

Prebiotics, a type of soluble fiber, are another important component in your diet.

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ISAPP Prebiotic Infographic

What are probiotics and what can they do for you?

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ISAPP Probiotic Infographic