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ISAPP is a non-profit, public-service corporation run by a Board of Directors. Since ISAPP is not a member-run organization, it does not have membership for individuals in the same way other scientific societies do. The ISAPP Board of Directors steers the organization, with input from Industry Advisory Board members, to accomplish ISAPP’s mission.

Everyone is welcome to stay up-to-date on the organization’s activities by signing up to receive our monthly newsletter and updates. Companies aligned with ISAPP’s mission to advance the science of probiotics and prebiotics or with an interest in fermented foods or gut health may become members of ISAPP.

Benefits for members

Members appoint up to two representatives to ISAPP’s Industry Advisory Committee. This group advises ISAPP on issues of interest to probiotics and prebiotics and helps shape the organization’s activities.

Members also have access to the organization’s annual meetings, which are not typically open to everyone. Attendance is usually restricted to globally-recognized academic experts invited for their knowledge of the probiotic and microbiome topics being addressed at the meeting, as well as Industry Advisory Committee members.

Find out more about ISAPP’s annual meeting here

The ISAPP board of directors sends regular newsletters to its industry members to keep them apprised of ISAPP activities and gather input on various initiatives. A password-protected archive of this members-only newsletter can be found here. (IAC members, please contact for access.)

How to become a member

A company interested in ISAPP Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) membership must meet the requirements stipulated here and pay annual dues. Please inquire about dues or other matters at

Paying annual dues

All IAC members will receive an invoice for ISAPP annual dues, typically in December for the following year’s membership. If you have arranged to pay these by credit card, please click below.