Evidence on probiotic efficacy by condition

Clinical Guide to Probiotic Products Available in USA

Clinical Guide to Probiotic Products Available in Canada

These guides, which list the level of evidence for various probiotic products by indication, are independent tools for healthcare professionals. They are made possible through industry-funded educational grants.

World Gastroenterology Organisation Global Guidelines

This guideline offers evidence for the use of probiotics for various indications. Note especially Tables 8 and 9, which list strains associated with graded evidence for gastrointestinal benefits.

Information on probiotics and prebiotics

Probiotics, Prebiotics and the Gut Microbiota

This ILSI Europe Concise Monograph was published in 2013.

Information on gut microbiota

WGO Handbook on Gut Microbes

This resource includes 15 chapters by global experts on gut microbiota and its role in health and disease, as well as probiotics and prebiotics.

Gut Microbiota for Health

This website has up-to-date gut microbiota research news as well as information for the general public.