Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from around the world are encouraged to participate in advancing the science of probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented foods through the ISAPP Students and Fellows Association (SFA). The group, which has no membership fee, offers professional development and networking as students and fellows prepare for a career in probiotic and prebiotic science, either in academia or industry.

Join the ISAPP Students and Fellows Association to benefit from:

  • Resources
  • Participation in networking opportunities (digitally or in person) and technical exchanges
  • Modest travel grants for 20-40 students to attend the ISAPP annual meeting
  • Internship and employment opportunities

“ISAPP-SFA offers a global experience within a growing network of inspiring young researchers. I am grateful for the many intellectual discussions, technical exchanges and friendships I’ve developed while being part of the SFA community.”

“ISAPP-SFA provides a positive and encouraging environment to interact among aspiring researchers at different stages of their scientific careers. I enjoyed learning from the experiences of my fellow peers and I look forward to the SFA meeting each year.”