The ISAPP 2022 annual meeting took place June 15-17, 2022 at the Dolce Sitges Barcelona, Spain. This meeting was open to representatives from ISAPP member companies, Students and Fellows Association members, and invited experts only. 

2022 Program-At-A-Glance

See here for an expanded program including abstracts.

2022 ISAPP Meeting Speakers and Experts

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Discussion group topics this year were:

  1. The impact of diet on health benefits conferred by probiotics and prebiotics. Maria Marco and Kevin Whelan, co-chairs
  2. Probiotic acute and long term safety: where do we stand in 2022? Dan Merenstein and Mary Ellen Sanders, co-chairs
  3. What do we really know about the microbiome and health? Karen Scott and Sarah Lebeer, co-chairs
  4. The small intestinal microbiome – an ignored/undefined therapeutic target.  Eamonn Quigley and Purna Kashyap, co-chairs
  5. Establishing causality in probiotic and prebiotic intervention trials. Bob Hutkins and Jens Walter, co-chairs
  6. The status of ‘biotics’ in fermented foods.  Gabriel Vinderola and Kelly Swanson, co-chairs

Invited experts, see Travel Arrangements and Expense Reimbursement Policy for details on the venue, accommodations, booking travel, and expenses covered.

After the meeting, those eligible for travel reimbursement please submit the appropriate completed form by July 31, 2022: Reimbursement form for USA participants. Reimbursement form for non-USA participants.

Photo used with permission of Dolce Sitges.