At ISAPP’s 2024 annual meeting, we will bring together global experts from diverse fields to discuss the latest scientific topics. The typical model for our meetings is a by-invitation-only format including invited experts (speakers and content leaders for the discussion groups), industry scientists and selected Students and Fellows Association members. To help control travel and the onsite program costs, we reimburse speakers and invited experts for economy airfare and ground transport to and from the meeting site and the destination airport. If you are eligible for reimbursement, ISAPP appreciates your efforts to be cost-conscious, by booking flights in a timely manner (several months before travel) and booking on discount airlines when available. 

Please review the details of our expense reimbursement policy for those participants who qualify


All participants must register here.


Hotel rooms will be booked on your behalf by ISAPP. ISAPP will automatically book the nights required for meeting attendance (typically 2-3 nights, depending on travel logistics). Additional hotel nights may be requested but the cost is the responsibility of the requestor.


Meals during the conference will be provided by ISAPP. The cost of additional food or drinks beyond what is organized for the conference, including meals during travel, is the responsibility of the participant. 


Basic travel support, including round-trip airfare from your home airport, is available to speakers and invited experts who participate in the entire ISAPP meeting and fulfill any stated requirements for meeting participation. Further details follow for air and ground transportation.


ISAPP will book round-trip economy fare air travel from your home airport to Cork, Ireland. To organize booking flights, please contact Laura Tiernay at Please provide the following information:

  1. Full name, as it appears on your passport/ID
  2. For international travel, your passport number and country of issue
  3. Passport expiration date (MM/DD/YYYY)
  4. Date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  5. Sex, as it appears on your passport/ID
  6. Departure city, country and preferred airport
  7. Preferred dates/times of departure and arrival
  8. Cell phone # (for travel updates)
  9. Any applicable frequent flyer numbers (note that choice of airline is not guaranteed)

If you prefer to book your own flight, you must obtain a travel quote from Laura Tiernay at The travel quote must be submitted along with your receipt(s) for reimbursement. Reimbursement will only be done after the meeting concludes. The reimbursable amount will not exceed the price quoted for the economy round-trip fare from your home airport. If the actual cost is less than the price quote, then the actual cost will be reimbursed. You may prefer to book your own travel if you are travelling with companions, if you are combining the trip with other travel, if you prefer a specific airline, or if you prefer non-airline travel. Please obtain a travel quote at least three months prior to travel.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the traveller to determine if any travel visas are required, or if any proof of COVID vaccination or negative COVID testing is required.

Ground transportation 

ISAPP will reimburse for reasonable ground transportation expenses for travel between the meeting venue, accommodation and the destination airport. This may include taxis, rideshares, trains and buses. We appreciate your attention to be cost-conscious and to take public transport options where available and appropriate, with consideration to safe and efficient travel. 

If arriving at Dublin Airport:

Dublin Airport has bus and taxi services available to transport you to Heuston Station (Dublin) with rail service to Cork City (Kent Station). A train journey from Heuston Station to Kent Station takes approximately 2hrs 15mins, depending on the time of day. Kent Station is located a 5-minute walk to Cork City and approximately a 25-minute walk to the conference site or you may take further bus or taxi travel from Kent Station to your destination.

Cork City is well served by the national bus carrier; Bus Eireann. The full schedule of buses and locations can be accessed here Other options include private bus companies that offer low-cost, express services from most major towns and cities across Ireland, including Dublin Airport, namely Air Coach, and City Link.

If arriving at Cork Airport:

Cork Airport has regular bus and taxi services available outside the airport terminal building. Bus connections to/from the airport and Cork City Centre are provided by Bus Eireann (route No 225 or 226 to Cork Bus Station). Routes vary based on time of day. If planning to use a taxi service Cork Airport is approximately a 15-minute drive from the conference site and less than 10 minutes’ drive from Cork City centre. 

Expense Reimbursement

Reimbursable expenses include

  • ground transportation costs incurred in transferring to and from the destination airport, accommodation and meeting venue in Ireland
  • airfares when not booked by ISAPP, and when accompanied by a travel quote as detailed above

Non-reimbursable expenses include

  • Costs for accompanying guests
  • non-direct travel routings
  • pre- or post-meeting activities
  • additional nights’ accommodations or upgraded accommodations 
  • rental cars
  • transportation/mileage to and from your departure airport
  • parking at your departure airport
  • any additional food or drinks outside the conference (including those incurred during travel)

Submission of travel expenses for reimbursement: