New Journal: International Journal of Probiotics and Prebiotics

New journal: International Journal of Probiotics and Prebiotics

Pediatrician’s and Gastroenterologist’s Guide to Using Probiotics

A booklet titled “Pediatrician’s and Gastroenterologist’s Guide to Using Probiotics” written by Jon Vanderhoof, M.D. and Eamonn Quigley, M.D. was published by Health Point Press. For information, email:

Probiotics: What they are and what they can do for you

A brochure “Probiotics: What they are and what they can do for you” from the American Gastroenterological Association is now available. Brochure

Practice Guideline: Probiotics and Prebiotics

The World Gastroenterology Organization publishes “Practice Guideline: Probiotics and Prebiotics.” Click here.

ISAPP holds 6th Annual meeting November 9-11, 2008

ISAPP holds 6th Annual meeting November 9-11, 2008. 100 delegates from 17 countries met in London Ontario, Canada to hear lectures and to discuss probiotic safety, refinement of the prebiotic concept in light of new scientific developments, probiotic/prebiotic/synbiotic efficacy, improving successful interactions between scientists and the media and regulatory hurdles to conducting probiotic research in […]

International Probiotics Association Announced Its Intent to Offer a Quality Seal for Probiotic

On March 28, 2008 the International Probiotics Association announced its intent to offer a quality seal for probiotic products that meet its standards for content and substantiation of health benefits; the seal will be available on products in 6-8 months. n=84289-international-probiotics-association-probiotics

The Worldwide Probiotic Markets Report For Sale

Market report which analyzes the worldwide probiotic markets prepared by Global Industry Analysts Inc for sale (March 2008). Report

FAO Publishes Technical Report on Prebiotics

FAO publishes technical report on prebiotics addressing definitions, substantiation and characterization issues (January 29, 2008). Report

Two Consumer Friendly Books on Probiotics Published

Two consumer friendly books on probiotics published. The Power of Probiotics, by Gary Elmer, Lynne McFarland and Marc McFarland, published by Haworth Press ( This is a consumer’s guide to probiotics, but also discusses much of the data showing efficacy in human studies, so it is a good resource probiotics researchers as well. Also out […]

ISAPP Report on the Status of the Field

ISAPP report on the status of the field as it pertains to safety evaluation and interpretation of antibiotic resistance phenotypes and genotypes present in probiotics.Report from meeting held December 13, 2007.