The 2024 nominations are now closed. Nominations for next year’s award to open Fall 2024.

What is the purpose of the award?

To promote excellence in the biotic field and to honor the contribution of Mary Ellen Sanders over the past two decades in advancing the field through her leadership, initiative, collaboration, and communication.

Who will the award be given to?

An individual that has advanced the field of biotic science in an important way. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Research programs and activities in basic and applied science
  • Facilitation of new initiatives
  • Scientific communication and stakeholder engagement

The recipient of the award will be selected based on merit by an awards committee designated by the ISAPP Board of Directors.

What will the winner receive?

An unrestricted cash prize of $2500, a personalized plaque, a plenary slot at the annual meeting and travel expenses (reimbursed in accordance with ISAPP policy) to the meeting at which the award will be presented.

The ISAPP Board of Directors is empowered to enact and change written rules, policies and procedures relating to The Sanders Award, and shall have final authority to address all issues and conflicts relating to or arising out of the Award.

Award Rules

The recipient of the award will be selected in the sole discretion of an Awards Committee designated by the ISAPP Board of Directors, based on criteria determined by the Awards Committee (provided said criteria and determination do not conflict with any rule, policy or procedure adopted by the ISAPP Board of Directors).  The criteria may include research into the background of the nominee, including the interviewing of persons deemed by the Awards Committee as having information germane to the nominee.  Information collected during said research shall be maintained as confidential by ISAPP, except that information may, in the discretion of the Awards Committee, be disclosed publicly with the permission of the nominee.  The decision of the Awards Committee shall be final.  The award may be revoked by the ISAPP Board of Directors if the recipient of the award engages in conduct harmful to the reputation and interests of ISAPP, or if a nomination for includes materially false or misleading information.

Nominations must be submitted during the nomination period determined by ISAPP.  Nominations shall include a completed Awards Nomination Form. Nominations not accompanied by a completed Awards Nomination Form will not be considered.  Only nominations by third parties are eligible — self-nomination is not permitted. The Awards Nomination Form shall require disclosure of all conflicts of interest and other germane information relating to the nominating party and nominee. Information set forth in nominations may be published at the discretion of ISAPP.  Nominations will not be returned to the nominating party.

The granting of the award is conditional upon the recipient attending the award ceremony in person. The Board shall determine the time and place of the award ceremony, and may provide travel expenses in accordance with ISAPP policy.

The ISAPP Board may adopt written rules, policies and procedures relating to this award.  Any matters not addressed by this announcement or in ISAPP will be addressed at the sole discretion of the ISAPP Board of Directors.