2017 Annual Meeting

Presentations from the Meeting (password protected – for attendees only)

Discussion group descriptions:

  1. How do we fully leverage the well-established and documented benefits of probiotics and prebiotics for the benefit of patients and the public? Dan Merenstein and Chris Cifelli
  2. Synbiotics –what are the advantages? Glenn Gibson and Bob Hutkins
  3. Probiotic molecular mechanisms of action: where are we today? Sarah Lebeer
  4. Identifying biomarkers linking the composition and function of the microbiome to health status. Karen Scott
  5. Diet-based disruptions of the microbiome: are they important and could probiotics and prebiotics modulate? Eamonn Quigley and Jens Walter
  6. New paradigms for translating probiotic and microbiome science into health-promoting products. Gregor Reid
2017 Program


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