2015 Annual Meeting Materials

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Learning Forum


Plenary Session 1. Regulatory challenges to moving probiotics forward in the USA.


Plenary Session 2. What’s needed to translate pro/prebiotics to clinical outcomes?


Plenary Session 3. Modulating the microbiome.


Late Breaking News


Discussion Group Summary slides.

  1. Technology transfer. Chair: Michael Cabana and Eric Claassen
  2. Prebiotics and oligosaccharides in the gut: who (is enriched), what (is the effect), where (do these effects occur), and how (are these effects ultimately manifested)? Chairs: Bob Hutkins and George Fahey
  3. Potential to employ probiotics/prebiotics for fetus and infants to improve well-being. Chairs: Seppo Salminen and Gregor Reid
  4. What is the future of probiotics in the USA? Regulatory challenges. Chairs:  Dan Merenstein and Mary Ellen Sanders
  5. Intestinal barrier function – its role in GI disease, allergy, and other diseases. Chair:  Eamonn Quigley and Todd Klaenhammer
  6. The microbiome response to pre/probiotics.  Chairs:  Karen Scott and Glenn Gibson